Snapshots From Portsmouth

While we’re officially headed for the colder months of the year, I flicked through the pictures taken during a break this Summer.

From blue to yellow, here are some snapshots of Portsmouth during the Victorious Festival.

That Day On The Pier

After almost exactly one year, I’ve been back visiting the Adriatic sea. A series of favourable elements made it a good long week end.

Family, friends, good food, good weather.

Wind, waves, beautiful colours, relax.

Hot Numbers Open Exhibition

Starting 12 December 2016, until 22 January 2017, one of my photos is part of the Hot Numbers Open Exhibition in Cambridge.


Taken on a warm sunny day in May 2016, to me the photo represents contemplation, and the somehow strange and unnatural feeling of being so close to a massive cruise.

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Anticipation of Sea

As a child, the biggest event of the year was waking up incredibly early to reach the southern regions of Italy for almost a month long holiday.

I would spend hours on the backseat of the car, with a stereo, cassettes, a few books and a pillow.

Every time, I would turn my head left to see the first sun light of the day refracting on the waters of Lake Lesina. Further ahead, a small stripe of land and then, barely visible, the sea.

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