Snapshots From Portsmouth

While we’re officially headed for the colder months of the year, I flicked through the pictures taken during a break this Summer.

From blue to yellow, here are some snapshots of Portsmouth during the Victorious Festival.

Green Is The Colour

Being already content with the pictures made with Helios-44M lens on the Canon DSLR, I wasn’t expecting to see the surprising results I had with the same lens on the Fuji X-T20.

The level of details and smoothness are amazing. The camera’s manual focus is clever, easy to use and I look forward to use this magic combination more.

While the autumnal colours are still my favourites, the flourishing plants in the garden are a feast for the eyes.

Click through the photo gallery to see the fullscreen pictures.

About Fuji and Changing Mindset

Just over one week ago, I bought a Fuji X-T20.

The main reason for me to switch from an entry level Canon DSLR to a mirrorless and much more expensive camera, was to carry less weight around. After reading the manual and, most of all, articles explaining the experiences and settings of other people, I realised that the little camera would make a deeper change in the way I take and process my pictures.

Soap Bubbles
Soap Bubbles
Last weekend I visited Edinburgh, where I had the chance to see a photo of mine at the Shutter Hub Open exhibition at Retina Festival. The occasion was perfect to try out the new entry.

After some thinking, I’ve decided to make good use of the help the camera can give me: Continue reading “About Fuji and Changing Mindset”