Photo Project: The Change Of Seasons, Part 1 – Summer

Having started working for a company in Cambridge in July, and commuting every day with my bicycle, I saw the opportunity to take pictures.

Bringing a camera with me was never the best solution, therefore I relied on my iPhone. For months, almost daily, I published photos of my commute on my Instagram account, tagging them #mycommute and #onmybicycle.

Same views, different times of day, different seasons. Actually, I never stopped taking pictures, so this has become an ongoing project.

The commute involves going through Ditton Meadows and Stourbridge Common, along the river Cam. On my way, I’m often slowed down by cows, and gladly so. It gives me the opportunity to take in the views, the details, the change of seasons. I was never going to be very fast anyway, so better get the most out of it.

With this post I’m publishing the project, starting with the photos taken during the Summer months.

Click on the first photo to see the enlarged versions.

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