Photo Project: The Change Of Seasons, Part 1 – Summer

Having started working for a company in Cambridge in July, and commuting every day with my bicycle, I saw the opportunity to take pictures.

Bringing a camera with me was never the best solution, therefore I relied on my iPhone. For months, almost daily, I published photos of my commute on my Instagram account, tagging them #mycommute and #onmybicycle.

Same views, different times of day, different seasons. Actually, I never stopped taking pictures, so this has become an ongoing project.

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Hot Numbers Open Exhibition

Starting 12 December 2016, until 22 January 2017, one of my photos is part of the Hot Numbers Open Exhibition in Cambridge.


Taken on a warm sunny day in May 2016, to me the photo represents contemplation, and the somehow strange and unnatural feeling of being so close to a massive cruise.

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