GIRL TOWN – Celebrating the Culture of the Female in the 21st Century – Exhibition

On Thursday 6th October, 2016, Shutter Hub and the Old Girl’s Club launched GIRL TOWN at London Photomonth, and I’m very proudly part of it.

Back From The Office

GIRL TOWN is a selected exhibition of photography celebrating the culture of the female in the 21st Century. It’s been curated through Instagram, so it is possible to see all the entries by exploring the hashtag #girltownPM.

The selected 200 photos are visible at the lovely St Margaret’s House, London, until 1st November 2016.

GIRL TOWN is also a series of talks, meet ups, films screenings.
Programme and other information here.

The exhibition already got very good press and, the night of the opening, it was announced that next year it’ll be going to Tel Aviv.

I couldn’t have imagined a better result, not even in my wildest daydreams!

About Shutter Hub

Shutter Hub is a community and online resource for photographers, providing opportunities for photographers to promote their work, network, receive support, develop themselves professionally, and exhibit their work both online and in exhibitions.

About the Old Girls’ Club

The Old Girl’s Club is committed to supporting women in photography and lens based creative media.

About Me

I’m a UX/UI designer designer based in Cambridge and member of Shutter Hub.

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